Core Values and Strategic Objectives

Core Values 

The Core values are the principles that under gird the operations of an organization. From the discussion at the stakeholders retreat and based on the principles and philosophy of credit unionism, the following have been captures as the core values of the SLTCC

  1. Integrity of character
  2. Adherence to the principles and philosophy of co-operativism, which emphasizes collective ownership and democratice control
  3. Protection of members' shares and deposits
  4. Accessibility of services and sharing of benefits by all members
  5. Accountability and transparency in operations
  6. Responsibility in business dealings
  7. Cost effectiveness in operations

Strategic Objectives

Based on the analysis of the results of the stakeholders' retreat and the management and operational audit of the SLTCC, the following have been identified as the strategic objectives to be pursued by the society during the planned period 

  1. To lobby for legislative, regulatory and policies changes that benefit the sector
  2. To consolidate membership of the Credit Union and ensure sustainable growth in membership and assets
  3. To expand member benefits and client services
  4. To work closely with government and the movement for improvements in training, research and micro lending practices in Saint Lucia
  5. To nurture a cadre of secondary leadership for the Credit Union
  6. To improve information dissemination and communication among members and clients
  7. To mobilize members for active participation in all Credit Union activities
  8. To establish policies and procedures for ensuring financial viability and operational effectiveness
  9. To ensure competitive returns to members on their shares and deposits in the credit union
  10. To enhance institutional capacity
  11. To ensure greater accessibility to the services of the Credit Union